Many of you may recognize Sabine Hazboun, as she is the main swimmer for our website, Instabeat! 

I had the pleasure of speaking with former Olympic swimmer, swim coach, movement instructor, and interpreter, Sabine Hazboun, who expresses swim simply as, “It is just you and the water”. Never would I have imagined speaking to such a humble, charismatic and inspiring individual. Here, I share with all of you her incredible journey. 

Sabine Hazboun grew up in Bethlehem until the age of 17, then  moved to Barcelona to pursue an ongoing journey with swim. She competed in 5 World swimming championships, and  in other international games, holds a national record, joined an elite high performance center in Barcelona to compete in the Olympics, and has now devoted  herself to coach swimming and pursue practicing the art of movement. 

Sabine started her athleticism journey at the age of 9. She says, “my mother has influenced me to swim, as she was a swimmer herself”. Her discovery for love of swim was from the very moment she, “ put the goggles on and thought it was a different world …the sound of the splash of water it is like nothing else. I fell in love with it since that very moment”. “Swim is nothing like a dry land practice”because it involves every single muscle in the body. This is a great sport to let go and head to a quiet place, removing  all distractions., because it is just you, the water, and natural flow of movements. Sabine’s number one rule for swimmers is to: learn how to float, and move in the water, because in the end, it is just you and the water. 

Sabine stumbled on Instabeat in 2017, and started using it for her own swim practice, mainly during her long distance sets. She uses the light as her guiding coach, now that she no longer trains with one. Some drills one can do are some that she normally does during her personal training. For instance, one of her practices looked something like this. During warm ups, before the main sets, she “focuses on seeing the blue light, and at most one green light”. Then during her sets, such as a 10x 100 meters, she pushes hard to get to one to two green lights, avoiding the red zone. During sets of 10×100 or 10×200, her rest time is based on reaching the blue light, which means she has recovered really fast and can start the next set to get back in the green. She is amazed that she can get all that information, without feeling as if she is wearing anything but her goggles. Instabeat helps her stay motivated, increase her stamina and her overall fitness. 

Here’s Sabines workout session with Instabeat! On this day, she strived to maintain two green lights during a  10 x 100 meters freestyle as the main set. Whenever the light dropped to one green, she knew she was not pushing herself enough to maintain higher pulses, and to improve  resistance. 

When I asked her, how she uses Instabeat when hopping in the pool she said, “Whenever I see red, I know I am going faster than I should and I don’t want that. My focus is to get the same times on every single  10 x 100 meters with less than 10 seconds rest in between”. 

When finished she says, “I saw blue within less than one minute; it means I could get back to normal pace quickly. I did sets of sprints right after with a goal of maintaining the red light, for explosivity. If you see green during a sprint, it means your heartbeat can still increase and you can go a lot faster!”

Sabine loves swimming with her Instabeat and cannot recommend it enough. If you are any kind of athlete in the water, whether you are a triathlete, open water swimmer, surfer, you need motivation, you need to know your effort level, in order to reach your swimming goals at every practice. Sabine has seen first hand how swimmers struggle to manage and maintain their heart rate during their practice, risking overtraining and fatigue. In order to see your results, just go to the app! It is amazing, because one can see their real time feedback! 

When I asked Sabine, what she learned about Instabeat that she didn’t know before she said, “I believe Instabeat is the elevation level of swim training. During my 15 years of competitive swim training, we never checked our heart rate regularly, because of the lack of available technology. Heart rate, is an essential metric for any elite athlete and it is crazy  that in 2019, there was still no reliable way to measure it accurately. Enter Instabeat! Athletes are now able to control their own sessions, thanks to Instabeat!” 

Swimming is a part of her life, but recently, two years ago, Sabine started practicing movement, which is a culture that represents a contemporary paradigm shift in physicality, moving individuals away from the main culprits in movement and fitness, as well as the separation between health, aesthetics, performance and art.Sabine was drawn to it because it has been an ongoing learning process, from the first moment she walked into the Bamboo Body facility, without having any comprehension of the movement culture. After practicing movement for a couple of weeks, she began to recognize that it isn’t only about the physical practice, but by also training the mind. To her big surprise, practicing movement so religiously has improved her swimming. By practicing movement it has allowed her to see swim in a different perspective, and to understand how the body moves under water. Swim was and can sometimes still be what she calls, “a big mess, almost like a storm”, but through movement he has learned to relax, feel, and move with the water. 

Advanced Technology, Heart Rate Display, Detailed Analytics, Design, Instant Data Feedback.
Sabine’s swim practice, while incorporating a quick handstand that she learned through her movement practice.

Sabine’s endless journey still continues. We can’t wait to hear more about her life as a swimmer, Instabeat user, and movement instructor in the future. 

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