Being able to see the realtime results pop up in the corner of my goggles provides me with a sense of validation for my training. It motivates me to train harder and longer during my workouts because I can see the results and know exactly how hard I’m training.

Helou, Amine

“Instabeat is the only device that I’ve seen that allows me to see exactly how I train!”

Amine Helou’s aquatic endeavors began during his time at university in Beirut, Lebanon when he was around 19 or 20 years old. Now 34, Amine lives in San Fransisco where he works full time nurturing the delicate balance between his professional life and his life in the pool. Amine sustains this balance by striving to get in the pool at least three to four times a week to stretch his water wings. 

As an avid medley swimmer, Amine likes to workout all four strokes while he trains in order to achieve the most diverse and fulfilling workout he can. Since he started using Instabeat however, Amine has begun to recognize one very important aspect of his training, the distance. In conjunction with the realtime heart rate displayed on his goggles, Amine has been able to gradually improve his overall endurance, in turn increasing the average distance of his workout by almost double.

Using specialized sensors, the device is able to differentiate between all four strokes, recording the data in separate sections of his complete workout.

Amine is drawn to the sense of self-validation he receives from his workouts while using Instabeat. The ability to review and interact with the data collected by the device through the Instabeat app allows Amine to understand just how hard he’s training at any given stage in his workout. This visibility provides Amine with the motivation to continuously improve upon each session. Amine’s primary goal is endurance, and thanks to Instabeat he’s had his “longest swims” in years.

Amine’s best swim, thanks to motivation with Instabeat.

Instabeat’s lightweight and streamlined design provides Amine with the necessary insights to make improvements without interfering with his workout. By syncing his sessions to the app, Amine is able to study every aspect of his workout. Using the information tracked by the app, such as his average heart rate during his main set, Amine is able to visualize where he is and where he needs to be in order to achieve his goals.

For Amine, Instabeat isn’t just a device. It’s a personalized coach strapped to your head with the purpose of making you a better swimmer every time you use it.

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