instabeat real-time heart rate training zone feedback for swimming

A note from our founder.

Following my heart for the last 10 years has allowed me to power through the challenges, and get to this day, our launch day, whereInstabeat is finally available to you!

We built Instabeat so that you, my fellow swimmers, can follow your hearts in the pool, and make every swim your best swim.

I filmed myself using a GoPro to show you the real-time lights!

Me + swimming > Me – swimming

My love for swimming comes and goes (highly tied to the startup life), but I can’t think of a single time where I’ve left the pool not feeling better than when I’ve entered.

Swimming is immersive, it engages your senses and your entire body, and how better to make the most of your time in your lane, than understanding how your body is responding your training.

real-time heart rate monitor that mounts on any goggles to optimize recovery, and improve performance

Swimming with Instabeat

I have been swimming with Instabeat for a few years now, and understanding my effort in real-time while I am training has given me an entirely new perspective on my swim, one that has made me a more engaged and motivated swimmer. To give you a few examples:I always include a 4xIM set in my workouts (because, why not). Swimming with Instabeat, I learned that if I rest for only 5 seconds longer to get in the blue zone before starting the next interval, I am able to go faster at a lower heart rate! When we switch to long course in the summer, the first few butterfly strokes get me in the red zone. A few weeks in, I only get in the red zone after a few laps ! Improvement I can see, that makes me go back for more.
See you in the pool! 

Hind + Instabeat Team
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