swimming shapes your body and mind

I am a swimmer.

Designing and developing Instabeat for the last 10 years required me working in R&D offices in both Beirut and San Francisco, and manufacturing in China (with pit stops in so many other places). I was so lucky to meet and swim with fellow swimmers from all over the world, people from completely different cultures, united by the love of water.

What really kept fascinating me, was that all these swimmers, despite being from opposite ends of the world, shared common personality traits. I slowly understood that being swimmer is not just a hobby, it’s an identity.

When swimming is a core part of your life, there are inherent traits that you acquire as a person, no matter where you are, and no matter why you swim:

  • Humbleness: the water is bigger than you, and always wins. You learn to respect that, and work with it.
  • Introspection: Swimming is a lonely sport, and disconnects you from everything in the outside world. Without even knowing it, you reconnect with yourself and listen to your thoughts.
  • Focus and determination: Some people also call it stubbornness πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Staring at a black lane for hours is a skill!
  • Self-competition: You cannot really see the person swimming next to you, so you are pushing for yourself.
  • Community: All swimmers go to defined bodies of water to swim. All united by the love of water 😍
  • Strength and weightlessness: Swimming is difficult, and is a very technical sport. You need to learn to breathe in the water, and defy gravity to stay afloat. The stronger you are, the more efficient and weightless you are.
  • Mindfulness and Mindlessness: Get in the water, focus on your technique but then forget yourself (and your lap count).

A swimming manifesto

Dear swimmers from all over the world. I hope you will always and forever keep swimming, as it is the highest act of self-care.

I for one, through Instabeat and my practice, have committed to the sport. I promise to keep building tools to make our time in the water even more special.


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