Where to start when you are new to swimming

Whatever the reasons behind your decision to start swimming – be it recovering from injuries or just cooling off – the benefits of this sport are numerous.

Here are tips you can follow to make your swimming experience better:

1. Ask all kinds of questions from a swimming buddy and ask him to be in the water with you to remind you about what you need to be doing and point out your progress.

2.  Get used to being in the water and how it feels to you.

3. Break your swimming down into “drills”, i.e. an exercise that allows you to practice one part of swimming technique without the difficulty of doing it all at once.

4. Invest in fins. They can help keep you balanced and straight as well as increase your ankle flexibility.

5. Warm up to your goggles. Try keeping them on for at least an hour so that you get used to them while swimming a long distance later on.

6.  Find your breathing and endurance comfort zone.

7.  Keep your accessories simple. Do not get carried away with tons of swimming “toys”. Stay simple with a training suit, goggles and fins.

8. Focus on technique first at a comfortable pace.

9.  Research gyms and pools in your area as well as their rates and programs and go with the one you feel more relaxed in.

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