Swim the distance to prepare for your triathlon

Preparation for a pool race versus an open water one while taking part in a triathlon is quite different. You also need to balance your training between swimming, biking and running and training time is therefore split into three.

Below are some suggestions on how to make the most out of your swimming training for a triathlon:

  • It’s very important for you to identify what you need to work on for your individual stroke so that you make the best out of your training time.
  • Find a coach or another swimmer you know and get their advice on your stroke and how to improve it. Also ask about your strengths to build on them later.
  • Don’t focus solely on your technique (swimming short distances but improving your technique). Remember this is a triathlon and you need to be able to maintain your technique over long-distances. So also incorporate in your training longer distance swims so that you’re able to develop a stroke you can maintain on triathlon day.
  • Once a week during training, focus entirely on distance.
  • Keep an eye on and monitor your rhythm. Don’t start out too fast and develop your pacing skills. Your Instabeat can help you keep track of your rhythm, that’s the whole purpose of it! 🙂
  • Include open water training once a week.
  • Don’t forget to rest, eat well and stay hydrated. Proper nutrition includes planning appropriate meals and snacks and getting enough energy by correctly balancing carbs and other types of food.
  • Last but not least, master your mind by shifting your thoughts to a positive direction and breathing right.

And most importantly, enjoy!

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