I’m a sprinter because I get bored. Running laps around the track never interested me, and my 4K practice day is mentally harder than the most difficult sprint or hurdle practice I could have. As a sprinter, my longest race is over in one minute. The strategy of running a long race just doesn’t call to me the way the rush of a full-power, high speed race does.

If you’re anything like me, then you also get this feeling when you swim laps. I love swimming, but just like with running, swimming countless laps one after the other bores me. One way that I fix the boredom problem is by transferring the workout to nature: running outside is, in my opinion, much better than running the same distance on track. Similarly, an open-water swim in a lake or sea or ocean also does the trick. However, many times, I want to swim a good distance but only have access to a lap pool, so I came up with a way to make it less redundant and more fun.

You can alter this workout to your liking, depending on the total distance you want to swim and how quickly you get bored from repetitive swimming.

Let’s say that my goal for a swim is 1K, and that I get bored after 100m of swimming. I’ll set up a workout that looks something like this:

• Warm up
• 100m swimming (choose whichever stroke you want to work on that day)
• 50m swimming with legs only
• 100m swimming
• 20 pushups next to pool
• 100m swimming
• 50m swimming with upper body only
• 2 sets of 25 situps next to pool
• 200m swimming (change your pace within the swim)
• 10 burpees next to pool
• 100m swimming (different stroke)
• 100m swimming with legs only
• 1 minute plank on towel next to pool
• 100m swimming with upper body only
• 100m swimming cool down

Usually, I’ll swim longer than 1K, so I can either swim multiple sets of this workout or I could create a different one with longer stretches of swimming, maybe 200 or 300m instead. This is in no way a set workout, so you can basically choose your “bored distance” and your favorite body-weight exercises and strokes and work accordingly. And of course, take your rest time and water breaks when needed 🙂

I feel like this workout is a lot of fun for swimmers who, like me, don’t usually need to follow a specific swimming practice but merely do it for the fun and the general exercise of it. I hope it inspires you to create your own fun and original workouts based on what you enjoy the most!

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