My half ironman distance race is this Sunday! This week is all about getting rest and doing some final race preparation.

Last weekend’s training was a 11 mile run on Saturday and a 30 mile bike on Sunday.

I feel ready for the race and I am hoping to do well. My goal is to complete the race in under 6 hours. This seems to be a reasonable goal considering how my training has been going and how my race performance has been throughout the year.

I have my race nutrition down to what I think works for me. That seems to be most important. I know I can complete the race, but I need to keep my nutrition in step with my race.

The weather may be a bit of a challenge. It is going to be cooler this weekend, high of 67F. So, the bike may be a little cold and maybe a bit windy? I hope not, but that is the price for doing a race so late in the season. Many would say that the race season is already over.

This week’s training is a few swims in the mornings, some core workouts at night and maybe an easy run/bike to get a little time in.

I do not typically monitor my HR during the race. I know others do, but I am comfortable with how I have trained.

I am strongly considering having my GPS watch with me for the 13.1 mile run. I have trained with a it a fair amount and it will help me to stay on pace, not go either too fast or too slow. It may be quite important with the swim and bike behind me and that I will be almost 4 hours in to the race. It is important to maintain form and speed throughout.

Next update will be a post race report!

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