With race season in full swing, it seems like every training session counts. Sometimes I think that I can not miss a training session because I do not want to lose any of what I have gained. Staying fit is important and regular exercise is a key part of it.

It is important to realize that we need to listen to what our body may be telling us. If you are tired, do not feel guilty by taking a rest day. It is important for your body to heal from prior workouts. You must give your muscles a chance to heal.

For some, a rest day may not have to be the complete lack of a workout. You can do an easy session instead of an intense one. There are no exact guidelines here. Each person knows their own body best. Do what you think you need. You will learn over time.

The key is, that rest days are just as important as a work out routine for the week. Don’t feel guilty if you take a rest day.

Yesterday, I competed in a sprint distance triathlon and, while I did work out last week, I certainly did some tapering. I did swim and run during the week, but the workouts were not that intense. It helps to get in the water and stretch out.

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