This past Sunday was the third race in the Dip and Dash series. This was a 1 mile swim in the ocean and a 5 mile run.

Before the race, competitors were given the points standings for the first 2 races in the series. At this point, I was in fourth place. By how the points were tallied, if all 3 people in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, were at the third race, I did not have a chance to make it in to third place for the series. I would not be able to earn enough points.

As I was placing my gear in the transition area, I was talking to 2 of the 3 athletes for the series. I asked them if they had seen the third athlete. They said they thought he was not going to be at the third one! This meant that I had a chance at getting third place!!

As I talked about in a couple of other posts, the swells at the beach have been a little high. The entry and exit for the ocean was a challenge. As the race started, I did see one competitor fall right beside me. I did my best to get out of the surf zone as fast as possible. There was a small amount of kelp, but it was not an issue and did not bother me during the swim.

At the swim exit, the exit was quick and easy. I did not have any problems with waves crashing in behind me.

At the transition, I had learned my lessons from last time and had prepped my shoes so that they were pre-tied. This saved me about 15-30 seconds in transition. I also had a better pair of socks that were easier to put on when my feet were wet.

As I started out on the run portion, I heard my girlfriend tell me that there were 3 people in front of me. That meant that I was currently in fourth place. For the points competition, that meant that my best chance to earn points were in my place for my age group. At the turn around, 2.5 mile point, I could see one guy behind me. I could not tell how fast he was running, but there was a chance he could catch me. I did not know how old he was, so I did not know if he would effect my place in my age-group. He did catch me with 0.5 miles to go. At the very end though, he slowed down and I caught up to him at the finish! Not close enough though as I was behind him by 0.2 seconds!!!!

It turns out that he was not in my age group and so I did get first place! This got me enough points for the series competition and I was in third place overall!!! It was a small be great honor for me to get third place. The people I was competing with were a fair bit faster. One of them is in a much higher class of competitors. He happens to live locally, so he competes in this local race.

This was a great series. Well organized and supported. Not all races are this well done. Safety and fun were a concern so that all had a good and fair race.

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