Last Sunday was the second of the races in the Dip and Dash series. This one had the same distance for the swim as the first but the run portion was longer. It was done in conjunction with some other events, a sprint and international triathlon and a aquabike.

The race event in conjunction with others presented some interesting points. The swim start for my wave was last, 50 minutes behind the first one, the elites for the international. This allowed me to see the elites on the course at some different points. I got to see their swim to bike transition. It was amazing to see how smooth and fast their transition was executed. All of them simply removed their wetsuit and put on their bike helmet. Then wheeling their bike out of transition. Very nice clean and fast.

I also got to see the elites on their run portion. Since I was doing the Swim/Run, my run was at the same time as the elites run. We were on the course together. Good to see how their running stride is done. They were fast too, low 6 minutes/mile. When one of them passed me, it took a few seconds to determine if it was a competitor in my class, or an elite. Fortunately, the race numbers were in a different section, so I could easily tell.

For me, both the swim and run portions went well. On the swim, there was a slow swimmer from an earlier heat that got close to me. He seemed to have trouble swimming straight and crossed in front of me diagonally. Hard to avoid him, but I just had to go around him. My transition time could have been faster! I, again, forgot to have my running shoes already tied. As a result, I had to waste precious seconds getting them tied. The run too went well. I took a few seconds, at the turn around on the run, to tie a shoe lace. Again, costing me precious seconds. When I stopped to tie my shoe, I did not see any competitors in front or behind me, so I was not worried about losing position for the finish results. That turned out to be a mistake! I lost third place by 30 seconds. I think I could have had those 30 seconds if I had not been slow in the swim/run transition and that I had to stop and tie my show on the race course. If I had been faster on those two points, I would have been close enough to see the third place finisher and pass him! Lessons learned.

It is only a race and there will be others. Each race is a learning experience and I am truly only competing against myself. It is good to learn lessons and to hopefully improve for the next one!

I did have fun and have a great day 🙂

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