Yesterday, I swam for about 35 minutes in the ocean.

The conditions were great. It was calm with only a small swell. I swam parallel to shore to a distance I new and then turned around to go back to the start.

I had a couple of way points on shore that I knew and could easily recognize from shore. This allowed me to turn in towards the shore line without stopping. I made the turn and started to quickly make my way to shore. Even though it was calm, there was still a shore break. I got caught in a small wave and took a little tumble. My goggles came off. They are on tight enough to keep them from leaking, but no more. If they were tighter, it would hurt. As it is, the goggles leave a little ring on my skin for 30 minutes or so after I swim.

Sad to say, I lost my goggles in the surf zone. They were a favorite pair of mine. I had been using them for a while and really liked how they fit on my face. Yes, I have a few other pairs, but it is nice to stick with something that has been working for me for so long.

It is smart to practice the swim exit for a race. I was doing just that, but this was a harder lesson than I wanted to learn. At least it did not happen on race day. 🙂

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