Yesterday, Sunday, I participated in a swim/run race in Santa Cruz, CA. The swim was a 1500 yard open ocean swim and then there was a 4 mile run. It was a local event and this was not the first time I had competed in the race. The event is only a few years old and, as a result, does not have that many competitors. It is growing in size, but still has a local feel to it.

In the days preceding the race, I did taper a bit. My training swims last week were light and I did not run at all for the 7 days prior. I did my usual core workouts. On Friday, I did do a 2 mile ocean swim but I took it slow as there was a bit of chop on the ocean and I was swimming alone.

It does seem to matter how many races I have done and in the variety that I have done them. I will still be nervous on race day. I want to have a good race and do the best that I can for the training I have completed. I have mental checklists to make sure I have everything I need for the race and that I can do the event as I have trained. I do not get much sleep the night before and I am up early to make sure I get all of the race day things done that I want to do.

The best advice I can offer in this area is to taper in the days prior to your event. Try to practice good form in your training. When race day comes around, there will be a lot of new things happening and you will not be able to focus on your form as much as you will like. You have to hope that your body and mind are used to the proper techniques. Try to get some good sleep the night before the race. I say that because 2 nights before the race, you are not nervous and you can get a good night’s sleep and maybe sleep in a little. The night before the race, you are already starting to get nervous. Finally, follow guidelines and techniques that work for you for your pre-race nutrition. That includes a day before the race and on the morning of the race. Yesterday morning, I had some oatmeal and tea. Others have a banana or toast with peanut butter. You want to eat light things that are nutritious and easy to digest.

Next post will be on how the swim/run, A.K.A the Dip and Dash, went for me.

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