We all saw Neymar fall face down on the ground after getting accidentally knee-kicked in the back. We also saw him being taken away in tears of pain and we all then read about what had happened to him: a fractured vertebra. No matter which team you support, no player deserves this and we wish him the fastest recovery.

When the Instabeat team heard about the news, we immediately thought about ways swimming could help him get through this. In general, when athletes are injured, they are commonly told to swim to recover faster but also to maintain their fitness level and stay in shape.

Here’s how swimming can help Neymar tremendously:

How swimming can help Neymar physically:

–        Swimming improves flexibility and strength, and increases muscular flexibility and balance. That’s because the resistance of the water makes the muscles work hard without the strain or impact that is experienced by any land sport.

–        Water is a huge equalizer. This gives anyone with any physical disability the possibility of exercising in the water while having their body weight supported with the proper flotation devices.

–        Swimming can also improve overall health. It’s an ideal workout for heart and circulation, as we use your whole body to swim; therefore the heart has to pump blood harder than it normally would to the arms and legs.

–        It improves coordination, balance and posture as well as flexibility

How swimming can help Neymar mentally:

–        Swimming is known to be a peaceful kind of exercise and to be the most relaxing sport. It can therefore help alleviate stress and tension and develop a positive attitude towards what’s happening in our lives. It can thus help Neymar in his feelings of anger, depression and tension. Swimming really stimulates a natural and positive response to being in the water.

–        Swimming teaches patience to the whole healing process

–        And renews energy lost during the accident

All in all, we’d recommend a good swimming therapy for Neymar’s healing process and we wish him good luck!

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