As a swimmer’s parents, you always try your best to show encouragement and motivation. You also try to participate in your swimmer child’s life as much as you can. Surely, most of you are really good at it, but here are some hints on how you can help your swimmer be happier and more successful:

1)    Don’t impose your own ambitions on your child. Remember your child will progress at his own pace and will improve him or herself on his own time.

2)   Do be supportive no matter what happens. Always ask if your child had fun during practice and show him or her that they are not forced to participate if they don’t find it enjoyable.

3)   Don’t coach your child yourself. Your only job is to support him or her. The professional coach is responsible for the technical part of the job.

4)   Do cheer your child on. If you decide to attend a practice, only cheer and applaud. Do not criticize.

5)   Don’t criticize your child’s coach in the presence of your child. The relationship between a coach and a swimmer is what contributes to success and fun.

6)   Do encourage your child to do his or her best and to give the best effort they can no matter what the outcome. This is more important than winning. Be supportive.

7)   Don’t expect your child to become an Olympian. The odds are small and swimming is much more than becoming that. It will teach them self-discipline and sportsmanship, it will build self-esteem and bring them lifelong friendships. It will just make them good people.

8)   Finally, Do allow your child to develop his or her own goals. Be supportive no matter what they are.

Good luck parents! 🙂

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