Some swimmers stop swimming all together with time because their training just gets boring. Some people even try it once or twice and give up because of the same thing. The reasons are many, mostly being the solitude you feel when you train for that sport and because it feels repetitive.

We’ve gathered some insights from around to help you make swimming less boring and hence enjoy the most efficient training ever! After all, we all know swimming is the most comprehensive body workout that could exist.

So here’s how you can overcome some of that boredom while you train and make the most out of your water time:

  • Vary your workout, changing strokes and pace every few laps: intervals, distance and steady-pace laps.
  • Try a new stroke and see how it improves every time. The progress you’ll see will inspire you to continue without counting.
  • Join a swimming group once a week with a coach who might bring new perspectives to your training. You can also share opinions with other teammates. This will give you the motivation to return to the pool by yourself and work on the new feedback and tips you got from that session.
  • Focus on your technique and how to improve it.
  • Count your strokes per lap and aim to decrease them.
  • Invest in a waterproof music player and create a playlist for your exact training time.
  • Use swimming tools and accessories like floats, hand paddles, palms and pool buoys to make your workout more varied and fun. You can also add your instabeat to calculate your heart rate, calories, laps, turns and distance.
  • Change sceneries from time to time. Don’t always stick to the same pool and why not try the sea once in a while.
  • The last and most important tip: enjoy daydreaming! Swimming is a phone and email-free zone so take advantage of it. 🙂

Photo source: lifecoach swimming

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