This is a funny article we found on It shows a cool vine video with a magic hand throwing a kid in the pool. Here’s how it was made!

Wondering how the magic Vine where the kid jumps in the pool was made? Read on, we’ll ruin the magic for you

The internet was captivated by a three-second video appearing to show a boy diving into a swimming pool, only to be plucked from the air by a god-like hand.

The giant hand then apparently throws him into another part of the pool.

We’re here to assure you the hypnotic clip is not the work of sorcery, but simply a clever camera trick that you can duplicate yourself with a bit of patience.

If you’ve never used Vine before, it’s an app designed to create short, six-second-long video clips. You record by holding your thumb on the screen, which means you can make very quick edits.

Recently a set of tools have been added to the app which help you pull off tricks like this. Let’s take a look at how they work.

Break your trick into sections

Here’s a really basic version of the same trick.

This clip is made up of two shots. In the first shot I move my hand onto the top of the bottle.

Once you’ve got that shot – being careful to end it just before your hand stops moving – hit the ghost icon at the bottom of the screen.

That’ll give you a see-through image of the last frame of the last shot, allowing you to move things around and set the second shot up from the same angle.



This also lets you see where your hand needs to be to pull the rest of the trick off.

Again, try and start the clip while your hand is in motion. This will disguise the join and make sure your hand doesn’t stay still for a couple of frames – a dead giveaway.

Our version of the pool trick

With a couple of able assistants , we went about making a rudimentary recreation of the pool trick in the Mirror newsroom this afternoon.

It’s a little rough round the edges – that kid must have jumped into the pool a lot of times – but the rough edges should give you an idea of how the magic works.

This one’s split into three sections.

Step One

The first shot has the hand coming into frame and apparently grabbing Simon. It ends with the fist covering Simon up, so when he moves out of the way it’ll look like the hand picked him up.

Step Two

If we did it again, it’d have been better to move the giant hand away a little further at the beginning of the second shot, after Simon’s moved out of the way.

The second shot is the hand turning round, ending just as it rears up to throw.

Step Three

In the third shot, a little motion creates the illusion that Simon’s been thrown across the newsroom.

Or it would if he’d timed his over-acting a little better.

It’s nowhere near the level of polish shown in Christian Leonard’s original Vine – let’s not forget, he actually creates Vine videos for Coca-Cola – but it’s a bit of fun, and something that anyone with a smartphone, a little patience and some imagination can do.


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