Last weekend I did another swimming race from Alcatraz Island. It was a great swim. The weather conditions were about as good as they can be for the San Francisco Bay.

This particular race was called the “Alcatraz Classic – A Swim For the Fastest.” It was a race that was limited to a smaller crowd, 45 people, so that the swimmers could enjoy an event with a crowd of similar caliber. For the most part, that was true and each swimmer could swim as fast as they wanted without any interference. I had the fastest swim with a time of 29 minutes and was third overall in my place. I was very pleased with my time and a bit surprised that I was as fast as I had seen. I had been training more frequently, but this was faster than I had thought.

I know that my heart rate was quite quick. I was basically sprinting for almost 30 minutes. I would like to know what my heart rate was, even if it was higher than it is supposed to be. Having said that, it is a race and not a workout. This is what my instabeat device will be helping me with in the future!

This particular race was different than other Alcatraz swims I have done over the years. The current was in a different direction and the group was small. The current being the opposite than usual caused me to sight on shore a bit differently than I have done in the past. I was a bit conservative in compensating for the current. I figured it out near the latter part of the swim and realized that I could have been even faster than my new PR.

I have been concentrating on swimming more evenly in the pool and breathing on both sides. I think it has helped in allowing me to swim straight and to have more strength on my weaker side.

Another Alcatraz swim in the books for me and another lesson learned as to how this swim can differ. My training is paying off!

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