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Each year the triathlon of Sausset les Pins is the opportunity for a lot of provencal triathletes to discover the triathlon or start his/her triathlon season with a nice itinerary and spectators.

We were 600 on the starting line in a small cove so they had to launch 3 waves.

It was also the 2nd stage of the 3rd division and the last stage to be qualified for the semi-final of the french championship .

We were the 1st waves with a red swimming cap. As usual on the starting line, stress was rising, but I remembered all my yoga classes and took deep breaths. We had to be careful between the sea urchins and the rocks. Water is very cold but once the start was launched we forgot everything except getting out of the water as fast as we can.

I could enjoy my new swimsuit from the first seconds. I immediately gained in buoyancy and could turn my arm much more easily. The feelings were very different and I felt much more efficient. In the sea, we had to be very careful with the current and I watched almost every 4 movements the buoy because you can quickly make double distance. I tried to catch some feet to take the aspirations.

I was out of the water in 16 minutes without forcing it, as swimming is not my speciality and I am in very good shape!!

You had then to quickly remove your swimsuit because it is easier to do it as soon you go out from the water when it is still wet.

I ran to my bike, but among the 600 bikes parked there, it was hard to find it even if I had taken some landmarks before the race.

We had a nice hill to climb and I tried to turn the legs as much as possible to keep my leg fresh for the running. Drafting is forbidden and the referees watch over by motorbike. 35 minutes later, I dropped my bike to put on my running shoes and rise again. As it is my best discipline, I was able to catch up with a lot of people that were already exhausted by cycling. After a few meters, I heard the speaker announcing the winner…Strange feelings and your mindset are the most important things at this moment. It is a round trip so we could cross those who are almost done!

The supporters were cheering us on and we could feel a new energy thanks to their encouragements. 20’37 later,  I pass the arrival line in 1h15. That is my best score.

The team finishes at the 2nd place for this race and the 3 rd place for the general rankings. We have got our qualification for the semifinal the 8th of June!

It will be a new experience as it will be a close race for the 3rd division with only girls!!

Now until the semi final, I have to continue improving my swimming to be able to stick to the first girls to take the aspiration and be more efficient during the race…

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