In the past, during my longer triathlons, my running time wasn’t as good as I would have liked. I always blamed that on the ‘bike to run’ transition (T2), and believed that if it was just a run, my results would be better, especially that my scores are fairly good when I take part in a running race.

Bottom line, I needed to find some training tips/methods to improve, fast! I did find some suggestions that can help with T2 and with the running speed out of T2 in USA Triathlon, and one of them seemed to be very straight forward:

Racing forces your metabolism to switch between different fuel sources. Practicing negative splits combined with easy efforts will help your body adjust to this demanding process.

Workout: 4-8 repeats of 1-mile run/1-mile bike

Duration: 60-90 minutes

How to do it: Each mile of running is a negative split, each mile on the bike is easy effort. Try to transfer between the run and bike and vice versa in minimal time.

Pick a flat 0.5-mile in-and-out course. Set up your equipment equivalent to your race transition area.

Start with an easy-paced run (ex. 10 min/mile), turn around after 0.5 mile and run back 15-30 seconds/mile faster than first 0.5 mile (ex. 9:20 min/mile). Switch to your bike and ride the 1-mile loop.

Repeat three to seven times with each run starting at the same pace you finished the previous run (ex. 9:20 min/mile). Cool down with 10 minutes easy spin on bike.

This workout really helped me improve my running speed, I hope it will do the same for you!


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