It’s not a secret that celebrities like to take care of their figure; in fact it’s one of their priorities in life, so it’s more than mandatory for them to include sports in their weekly routines. Check out which stars stay fit by swimming!


timothy-olyphant_swims_for_fitnessActor Timothy Olyphant was a swimmer for USC and was a “U.S. National Finalist” in the 200 I.M. He started swimming at the age of six, and doubled-down on the sport when he was in seventh grade, committing to a future goal many swimmers understand, competing at the division I collegiate-level.


Hilary_Swank_swims_for_fitnessHilary Swank competed in the Junior Olympics and the Washington state championships in swimming. She says that she loved the discipline, the training, and still loves to swim now, but it’s hard to find somebody who wants to go for a two-mile swim in the ocean, so she doesn’t get to do it as much as she’d like to.





Actress Mary Steenburgen tries to take care of herself by eating healthily, but she forces herself to exercise. Her sport of choice: swimming! And apparently, her husband, actor Ted Danson swims too!



Nicole-Kidman_swims_for_fitnessNicole Kidman claims that swimming is her favorite exercise. She swims with her sister almost every day for 30 minutes.






Hollywood actress Keira Knightley is not a big fan of sports. She doesn’t like working out and hates going to the gym, but she still manages to put in some activities, including swimming.






David Duchovny _swims_for_fitnessActor David Duchovny used to swim for an hour almost every morning at a public park in Vancouver. A pescetarian in his diet, he also maintains an Olympian workout regimen that includes yoga, boxing, basketball, racket sports, and the occasional triathlon.



ESTELLA WARREN_swims_for_fitness

Canadian movie star, Victoria Secret and Sports Illustrated super-model, Estella Warren was a Canadian National Team member and a three-time National Champion in synchronized swimming. She began her synchro career when she was only eight years old.





Kellan Lutz _swims_for_fitnessActor Kellan Lutz (Twilight) gets bored in the gym and hates running; that just leaves swimming, which he loves. He has a private pool in his back garden that he swims in even when it’s cold and, to make his workouts more intense, he wears a calorie counter.



Natalie-Portman-swims_for_fitnessHollywood actress Natalie Portman swam every day while preparing for Black Swan movie. Ballet was hard on her joints, so she swam about a mile each day, doing the front crawl and breast stroke, to elongate her muscles and work on her endurance.





Julia Robertsswims_for_fitnessBesides step aerobics, Julia Roberts is also known to do aquatic workouts: To prepare for her movie Duplicity, she swam laps in her Malibu pool and did cross-country skiing, running, and arm movements in the deep end wearing a flotation belt.



Laetitia CastaSwimsuit model Laetitia Casta tries to exercise as much as possible. She likes to run, swim and walk rather than going to the gym. She says she’s not a gym type of person, so she works out and motivates herself on her own.





Monica-Bellucci_swims_for_fitnessMonica Belluci is not a strict diet person, so she puts a little extra effort in working out on her body weight. Swimming is her favorite exercise, and she swims for about 45 minutes, 4 days a week.




Actress Jennifer Aniston’s main secret is that she does everything for fun and has a diverse fitness program that  involves all her muscles and keeps her interested. Besides dancing, yoga, and crunches, Aniston swims freestyle three times a week for 20 or 40 minutes.





Other celebrities such as Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Miranda Kerr, Tom Selleck, Matthew McConaughey, Hilary Duff and Judge Judy also include swimming in their workouts to stay fit. It’s a full body exercise, and a great cardio workout that burns between 300 and 600 calories per hour, so it’s definitely a good choice for them!

It’s your turn to jump into the pool and get a Hollywood star body!


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