Swimming can get you a 6 pack! Swim for toned absIf you think you have to endure endless sets of crunches to tone your abs, think again! Though crunches and other types of land-based workouts play a big role in doing that, there is a better and more pleasurable alternative… You guessed it! Swimming!

Pool exercises and swimming laps can be key components in strengthening your stomach muscles. As we said in previous posts, swimming is a full body workout; and if you want to burn fat off of your stomach, it can be a great cardio exercise that makes your heart rate go up and your metabolism work faster. But burning fat doesn’t necessarily mean toning; so for a flatter stomach, you should:

– Focus on the butterfly and freestyle strokes; they work on your core muscles including your abs

– Start your kicks from your hip flexors and lower abs, not from your legs

– Tread water while keeping your head above the water

– Do as many flip-turns as you can

– Do dolphin kicks while using a kickboard and keeping your upper body still. You can hold the kickboard at arm’s length or hugged to your chest

– Keep your stomach tight during the whole swim

With summer around the corner, it’s time to get into the pool and work those abs! Now you know exactly what to do!

Happy swimming! 🙂


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