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Though wearable tech is still abandoned by one third of consumers who still don’t find these gadgets that exciting, this area of technology hasn’t stopped evolving at all. Quality acceptance is something product manufacturers have had to struggle for years, after all change is a word we hardly take that easily. When mobile phones had made their presence in the early ‘70s, it was difficult to make them acceptable in the consumer market. People just couldn’t imagine carrying a device that would enable them to talk with anyone while on the go. That’s the exact case with wearable tech devices today. The concepts may seem outstanding but blending them into our current lifestyle is equally strenuous. However, this is a trend every mainstream innovation goes through in the beginning and there’s no doubt about that. What was quite a strange innovation in the ‘70s (mobile phones) has become one of the most inevitable digital companion for 91% consumers today. Thus, it can be fairly predicted that wearable tech isn’t going to be away from mainstream consumerism forever. Having said that, CES 2014 and SXSW 2014 are clear cut evidence of the popularity this side of the tech world’s been having in 2014 so far.

What we want to highlight henceforth is a chunk of innovation from the wearable tech industry we’ve been overwhelmed with since the beginning of this year. Each idea talks of a world we possibly couldn’t have imagined before and that is exactly what makes them stand out from the crowd. Let’s have a look:

Android Wear

This one innovation from Google’s Android team could possibly be the sole game changer for the wearable tech industry. The enhancement in quality that smartphones had witnessed since the launch of Android is now a possibility for wearables too. This is not just one device which you’d wear to enjoy automation in your lifestyle. It’s a platform which will enable wearable tech devices to have a user experience designed especially for them.

Google's Android Wear

With the Developer Preview, the existing Android apps could be molded into their specific wearable counterparts easily without much of a hassle. Though smartwatches are the initial form factor, the beauty of this platform lies in the fact that it is not confined to smartwatches only. The form factors could be anything but what’s unique is the experience! It’s the launch of the Android Wear SDK which awaits to unwind this exquisite wearable tech revolution in the coming months.


Having been selected as one of the top 15 startups at the Techcrunch Hardware Battlefield this year, Fin has been a unique invention in the world of digital interaction till date. With a methodology that dates back to counting numbers using the hand, the stunning innovators from RHL Vision Technologies have played their master stroke in creating a device like Fin which is both subtle and stylish. This smart ring uses the complexity of gesture control and turns your everyday interactions into a seamless experience, all from the palm of your hand.

Fin smart ring

From navigating maps while driving to creating a heavenly gaming experience, Fin’s got the potential to do it all but without adding any heftiness to your lives. It’s a ring you’d want to wear and not think of looking hideous at all. But what really makes it incredible is the fact that Fin can actually make the 285+ million visually impaired individuals now enjoy technology using their palm keypads too.


Fingerprint scanners or iris/facial recognizers have been some of the most remarkable inventions digital authentication technology have seen in the recent times. But what the team from Bionymlaunched in the form of a wristband has a completely different outlook with higher security potential. This wristband is Nymi which is a perfect combination of motion sensing, proximity detection and heartwave identification the world had ever seen before.

Nymi Wristband Heartwave Monitor

Just like fingerprints, heartwaves are unique for every individual too and that’s what frames the key ideology behind this device. It doesn’t require constant authentication day long and is extremely efficient in identifying you through your ECG, not your heart rate. All in all, Nymi is indeed a gadget that leads you on your way through your heart!

Atheer One

If living the life of a sorcerer is one of your most coveted aspirations, Atheer One smart glasses could take you one step ahead in fulfilling it. An immersive 3D display with over a million apps, this smart glass can highly optimize human performance in this tech era. Augmented reality is by itself a magical experience and when that blends into your daily lives effortlessly, it becomes extraordinary.



The journey of Atheer One is on its way to initiating such an experience with the Atheer Dev Kit that actually gives developers the chance to create magic. From gaming to skiing, this one gadget can topsy-turvy every sphere of lifestyle we were used to till today, ofcourse for the better.

Avegant Glyph

A popular name that thrives in the world of head mounted displays is the massive Kickstarter success Avegant Glyph. By introducing their futuristic personal display technology, they have been able to merge exceptional sound and vivid imagery into one device no one had seen before. What otherwise looks like a general headset, Glyph sets its own style with a flip down form factor that’s easy to accept for the consumers.

Avegant Glyph Personal Theater

Their virtual retinal display is the icing on the cake as it easily eliminates the disastrous screen-door effect from images and makes them more crisp and distinct. It’s those one-of-a-kind inventions that brings back nature into your online world through an enchanting retinal display.

JUNE by Netatmo

Those who consider wearable tech to be a branch of technology that has less to do with style, JUNE is one such bracelet/brooch that can surely prove them wrong. Made specifically for the tech-savvy fashionistas of the present generation, this is one gorgeous gadget that measures sun intensity in real time and helps in monitoring your daily exposure to sunrays.

JUNE Bracelet for UV protection

This personalized coach can easily protect you from the troubles of sun damage, UV rays and prematured skin aging and never look out of place when worn as a bracelet or a brooch. An efficient sensor with a beautiful appearance – JUNE is surely a gadget women will crave to wear this summer.

Lumo Lift

9,000,000 youngsters could be a victim of musculoskeletal disorders due to tech use even before they join the workforce in the near future. That’s the area of life Lumo Lift claims to solve with their sharp monitoring device. By detecting the curvature on the upper part of your spine, this smart activity tracker helps youngsters correct their body postures and live a healthy life ahead.

Lumo Lift Posture Control

It may look like a tiny magnetic sensor but just like the proverbial statement goes “Great things come in small packages.” Lumo Lift is one of the most useful inventions of this year as it lets you step into the world as the “true confident you” and be the rising star of tomorrow.

Pebble Steel Smartwatch

Pebble’s been that one bigtime innovation in wearable tech which had made technologists rethink the whole concept of bringing interactive technology into our daily lives. While the apps and the long battery life made it quite successful amongst tech enthusiasts, that sportwatch look was what kept it away from the style conscious generation.

Pebble Steel Smartwatch

Pebble Steel is what comes as the latest release from the team which has both style and functionality all combined together into one excellent watch for your wrists. Made of stainless steel and comprising of a whole new bunch of apps, Pebble Steel is surely made for a more mainstream audience than just tech masters.


If there’s some jewelry that can save you from any bad days in life, it has to be the Cuff wearables. One piece of CuffLinc and a series of stylish jewelry, that’s all you need to keep your near ones informed about your security on the way. Paired with a smartphone app, Cuff can easily notify all your enlisted important contacts a message anytime you press it in times of danger.

Cuff personal security jewelry

The intelligent smart device is always hidden behind the jewelry thus giving no hints to anyone about the hi-tech protected network you’re in all the time. Personal security is a branch of life we are always bothered about but with inventions such as Cuff, things can be a bit easier to handle now.


This is one masterpiece in gesture control you couldn’t avoid enjoying in the near future. What was only possible in fantasy fiction novels till date can now become an everyday lifestyle for us. Ring is one such invention which connects your air drawn gestures to the virtual world and makes automation work like never before.

Ring in Gesture Control

From turning on the room light with a curve in air to making payments, Ring gets all your work done through simple air movements. All you need is one Ring on your finger and the rest is brilliance. The best advantage lies in the fact that you can actually customize the gestures you use for a particular task. So, the way you control your world is actually in your hands.

Razer Nabu

Known for their excellent gaming hardware, Nabu dawns Razer’s super entry into the wearable market. Though looking like a simple wristband, Nabu enhances the way you incorporate quality time in your life, maintain your fitness and interact with people at the same time.

Razer Nabu Wristband

From notifying you on your incoming calls and text messages to analysing your sleep and fitness cycle, Nabu’s features are unique and hassle-free. It’s also capable of detecting simple gestures like handshakes and share valuable information on that basis. This is one gadget made to enhance your living experience altogether.


The fitness tracker which has been quite popular since the beginning of this year is Atlas which is one of its kind in the way it tracks your workout holistically. It’s not just a device counting your steps because the team believes that steps are just one metric of your entire fitness regime. Instead, whatAtlas does is evaluates your entire workout from all perspectives and gives a perfect report of the calories you burnt in a day.

Atlas Fitness Tracker

This gadget is so precise that it can easily differentiate between push-ups and triangle push-ups – it’s the 3D body tracking which does all the magic. This is indeed a fitness tracker we would want for a more intuitive workout analysis.


While the fitness market is all into introducing wristbands, here’s one unique entry that’s a fitness tracker made to be worn on the ankles. Flyfit was made to focus on tracking lower body cardio exercises such as cycling and swimming which is often difficult to analyse through wristbands.

Flyfit angle fitness tracker

Leg movements are equally important to evaluate while tracking exercises and that’s exactly the arena Flyfit claims to solve. What makes it all the more attractive is the feature which enables you to set friendly competitions with other Flyfit users and reach your goal faster.


Directed primarily towards swimmers who often lack a perfect wearable device to track their activity, Instabeat is the first heads-up monitor for the swimming world to enjoy technology while in water.

Instabeat HeadsUp Display for swimmers

It not only monitors your underwater activity but also keeps a track of your heart rate that can eventually enable you to optimize your performance for better results in the future. The design doesn’t hinder the movement of the swimmer at all and is the perfect companion you could have in water for tracking your activities.

Smarty Ring V2.0

This is the second version of the elegant Smarty Ring which has made controlling your phone quite an easy task with an allergy free stainless steel ring that looks so gorgeous you’d never want to part with it.

Smarty Ring V2.0

The version 2.0 introduces scrolling display making it all the more easy to handle all your phone updates at a go. So, saving your phone’s battery is now no longer a pain with this supercool ring which is possibly the smartest solution for this task.

That draws us to the end of the list which had some of the best in wearable tech we’ve seen so far. We are not stopping here forever as wearables have just made their entry into the industry, there’s lots more to unveil in the near future. Happy Gadgeting!


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