Just like all other athletes, there are things that swimmers admit out loud, and things they keep to themselves… things they brag about, and things they hate to acknowledge.

Here is a list of things that swimmers do but never admit!

  1. Exaggerating about practice in front of your non-swimmer friends
  2. Faking a cramp to skip a set
  3. Lying to your coach about the number of laps you’ve done when he asks
  4. Timing a goggle malfunction or the rip of your swim cap perfectly, to get yourself a few minutes off a hard set while digging for new ones in your bag
  5. things swimmers do but don't admit - fun facts by instabeatKicking during a pulling set to beat the swimmer next to you
  6. Being over-excited about a teammate’s birthday, because maybe they brought cake to practice!
  7. Pulling on the lane line to gain a few effortless yards
  8. Not recognizing swimmers from your club outside of the pool, because you don’t know what they look like in regular clothes
  9. Secretly hating that person who always taps your feet but never passes you
  10. Taking three single arm fly strokes even though the swimmer coming towards you is over 4 yards away
  11. Dreaming about what you’re going to eat after practice during the whole practice
  12. Waking up with crumbs in bed because you were too tired to eat in the kitchen like normal people the night before
  13. Peeing in the pool!
  14. Leaving the wall a little bit early to get a better time on your set
  15. Forcing people to get out of your lane by adding an unnecessary 25 fly to your warm-up
  16. Stealing someone’s equipment because they stole yours

Do you dare to add something to this list?! 😉

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