With time, I realized that tracking my workouts not only has a major impact on my overall performance, but also on how much I actually exercise!

There are many tracking platforms and devices that athletes can use for swimming, running and cycling; these platforms monitor the type of workout, heart rate, distance, time and even calories…

GPS devices, computer devices/Mobile Apps or heart rate monitors, are all methods that track workouts; this is why I use them:

  • My GPS watch helps me maintain a steady pace when I’m running. It keeps me from going too fast or too slow. At a recent race, I used it only to make sure I don’t start out too fast and to avoid slowing down too much in the middle.  As a result, my scores were the best I ever got!
  • Bike computers are essential for cycling as they help you maintain your speed as you bike for longer distances.  Personally I prefer not to use them all the time so I don’t depend on them, but I feel they are most effective when I want to maintain a steady pace while training.
  • Watches and computers also help in organizing your sports nutrition products intake. For long workouts, you’re going to need some fuel, and it’s essential to do so at regular intervals, say every 30-45 minutes.  Monitoring this will keep you from “bonking”.
  • Heart rate monitors are mostly effective for swimming. Instabeat for example, monitors your heart rate and helps you reach your goal whether it’s fitness or performance. By tracking your heart rate you’ll be able to know if you have to speed up or slow down in order to achieve what you want.

So track your workouts and reach your goals! 🙂

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