I wanted to share with you some of the fun I had over the weekend. On Saturday, March 29th, I participated with my team of 22 people in a fund raising event called “Fight for air Climb“, along with other participants. We climbed 1197 steps, or 52 stories, in one of the tallest buildings in San Francisco!  It was an event organized by the American Lung Association, with the aim to climb for people who suffer from lung problems and are “fighting for air”.

There were all sorts of people from various age groups, occupations and health conditions; even fire fighters took part as you see in the pictures below!

Participants climbed the stairs as fast as they could and were timed to see how they did. My recent swimming workouts, cardio in general and my wait loss allowed me to have great results during this event, 10:36!  A new Personal Record! I’m very happy with this achievement especially that it was for a noble purpose.

Did you ever do sports for a good cause?



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