As many may say, “swimming is boring”; a lot of people don’t stick to swimming because of that, even though they like it a lot. Personally, I cannot hide the fact that I sometimes find it boring too, especially when I am alone counting laps.

Here are some ways that I use to make swimming practice a bit more interesting:

1- Start with a little bit of stretching out of the water to prepare your muscles and loosen them up, then swim a couple of laps to warm up your muscles and get ready for your main set. (Don’t start off without warming up or you’ll feel numbness and be tired for the rest of the practice)

2- Find swimming buddies who quit the sport because they couldn’t make it fun enough. Talking to friends during breaks puts you in a better mood and gives you motivation to practice more. (But don’t talk too much! Time flies without noticing!)

3- If you are alone, swim with music. Many devices were created for that purpose. All you need to do is put your best playlist on and dive in. No boredom, just singing along.

4- Prepare your workout beforehand, that way you will not find yourself wondering what to do in the pool. Plus, knowing what comes next in the practice is motivating and exciting.

5- Try new strokes from time to time and get to learn them well. It helps you acquire new skills and make all your muscles active. Knowing different ways to swim spices up your training and makes it more fun and more interesting. Most importantly, don’t worry about looking ridiculous when you try new things, we’ve all been there, and now that we look back, it was pretty fun!

6- Focus on your technique. This is the best way to keep your mind connected to swimming. When you are home, watch YouTube videos to get to know the different techniques, and then try them all and find out which one fits your style best. You can do that for every stroke, and you will master them all in no time! 🙂

7- Consider swimming as a meditating experience that unwinds you of everything if you are alone (it’s a great way to clear your mind), and as a way to make new friends who share the same interest, if you are in a group.

Just feel free and enjoy swimming ☺

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