“If you don’t wait one hour after eating before you go swimming, you’ll drown”; we all grew up hearing this famous warning! But is it accurate?

There is a theory suggesting that upon eating, your body redirects some of the blood from your muscles to your stomach to help with the digestion. So when these muscles are deprived from blood, they are getting insufficient oxygen, making them weaker and unable to function properly during a rough workout; thus, cramps!

The truth is, we have enough blood in our body to perform multiple actions and keep our muscles functioning perfectly; but even if that’s not true, and the first theory is the correct one, can someone really drown from cramps?!
Well that’s probably up to how good of a swimmer you are!
Unless you’re a horrible swimmer, swimming in deep water and very far from anything to grab onto, you should be fine. It’s highly unlikely that cramps would be severe enough to cause you to drown. Besides, when they occur, you can stop your workout and just float.

Some competitive swimmers even eat something immediately before a race for energy, but they still consider the type and quantity of the food they consume, always being careful not to race on a full stomach, because that is bound to make any person uncomfortable. Exercising on a full stomach can cause nausea, and sometimes can lead to vomiting.

So why risk it? Though not a single episode of drowning caused by swimming on a full stomach has ever been documented, it wouldn’t harm to follow the old wives’ tale and wait for a while before you go swimming, it will allow the food to leave your stomach and decrease the risk of cramps and discomfort.

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Happy swimming! 🙂

(Image Source: bbc.com)

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