clockYou are certainly conscious about the multiple advantages of daily workout, but you just feel that there isn’t enough time during the day and find it hard to fit in a regular exercise! You always feel busy, you forget your deadlines, you miss meals, you lack hours of sleep…

How to keep up with college work, getting good grades and practicing regularly?

Multitasking and wise time management could be very challenging, and the perfect balance will definitely be tough to achieve. However, with the right motivation and regular habits you will be able to reach new goals and find out that you can produce time for whatever you want in life.

Here are some tips I’ve learned during my college years:

Produce daily To Do lists: This will help you organize yourself on a sheet of paper. By writing down your classes, college work, sports activities, meetings… you will probably manage your time better.

List your deadlines: Always have a two week list of the upcoming deadlines, exams and projects. By doing so, you would always be aware of your duties and work them ahead of time.

Time your activities: Try to figure out the average amount of time needed per activity which can help organize your day in a logical way.

Prioritize your activities: List which ones are the most important and which ones are the least important. By doing so, you would accord the time needed for each activity proportionally to their importance. For example, I put sports as equal importance as college work in order to maintain my motivation to practice daily.

-Be efficient and don’t waste time: Keep in mind that you have a specific amount of time dedicated for a certain task. You should therefore be fast, efficient and productive to achieve your goal.

-Change your focus frequently: When you feel bored of a subject, switch to another one. This might boost your productivity level.

-Daily practice: Daily practice relieves all the stress and helps you escape from work and produce much more effectively afterwards. Swimming for example helps you clear your mind from everything surrounding you; it’s just you and the water. You can solve all your problems while swimming!

-Music: Music helps you focus and avoid stress.

Sleep: Sleep is essential in producing a healthy and positive mind.  Make sure to get 6 to 8 hours of sleep a day to wake up fresh and attentive in the morning. If you’re just too overloaded with work, already exhausted, and you’re thinking about pulling out an all-nighter, just shut everything down, go to sleep, wake up earlier and you’ll produce three times faster.  Overnights slow down your production, you tend to make mistakes and you end up being a zombie on your next day.

-Don’t stress out and always be positive 🙂

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