We’ve heard it over and over: “Swimming relieves stress”. Well I’m sure you all agree, but you’re probably wondering how that happens exactly!

Sports in general affect the body’s neurotransmitters that influence the mood and produce stress-reducing hormones.

What swimming does in addition to that, is force you to focus on your body instead of the outside world. In the pool, the water helps loosen you up and you’ll end up in your own bubble, isolated from your surroundings.

And since swimming is a highly technical sport and requires a lot of attention to movements, it will allow you to focus on your technique and lose yourself in the routine. The pattern of the strokes will make you forget about everything else, giving your mind a break. As you know, sometimes not thinking about the problem can give you the solution for it :).

Physically, swimming helps you tone your body – which is always a positive mood-lifting plus! – and enlarge your lungs which allows you to take deeper breaths and be more relaxed. Isn’t that’s why yoga focuses so much on breathing??

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That being said, no wonder swimmers are always happy after their workout! If it doesn’t apply to you, maybe you should give the following ideas a shot:

–      Swim in a different pool; try swimming outdoors if you usually swim indoors and enjoy the scenery.

–      Swim in the sea instead of the pool for a change.

–      Swim in cold water instead of warm water. It’s much more refreshing!

–      If it’s feasible for you, go for a swim during your lunch break. It will give you a boost to work in the afternoon.

–      Try swimming when the pool is not very crowded (early in the morning for example).

–      Don’t race, just swim!

–      Listen to music while swimming.

–      Make swimming a part of your routine; it will make it easier for you to get up and go to the pool.

Have a relaxing swim! 🙂

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