Chi-running-chi-swimming-techniques-sports-tipsSome time ago, with the encouragement of my girlfriend, I took a class in the concept of Chi Running. She told me how this method of running had helped her form and suggested we both take the class.

We only attended a half day session, but what a difference!  The class starts out by teaching us a proper standing position, then goes on to proper walking and then to proper running.

Here are some of the notions that I learned:
1- By using both the heel and ball of each foot, you have 4 points to balance your stance and thus manage to have a proper stance.
2- When you start to run, it is important to lean forward while you maintain your form.
3- You do not want to hunch over; keeping your back straight is important for breathing and preventing injuries.
4- While running, there are 3 actions that take place between your foot and the ground: Land, load and push off. It is important to land with a mid-foot strike. Landing on the heel of your foot will hurt your joints and slow you down as you are essentially “applying the brakes” to your stride. Leaning forward, helps with this concept as gravity is also factor here. Your lean helps you have a mid-foot strike and get your feet to “kick up” behind you. The result is a shorter and more efficient stride that helps you run faster, longer and most likely without injuries.  Watch the professionals when they run. You’ll definitely notice it, it’s really amazing to see!

Chi running has helped me quite a bit in running faster and longer, without injuring myself. Even a half day class was beneficial to give me fundamentals that I can use on every run.

Some programs apply similar techniques in swimming too by exercising while:
1- Minimizing the number of strokes used to complete each length
2- Decreasing the speed of movement through each stroke cycle during training
3- Eliminating as much noise as possible by seeing how little they can disturb the surface in passing.

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In sum, they pay attention to each and every detail, including relaxation and body posture. The aim is to engage core body strength and connect mind and body.

Did you ever try any of it?!

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