Kate Drane, head of design, technology and hardware categories on Indiegogo, wrote a really cool feature about the CES participants who exhibited their ideas at Eureka Park. Instabeat is one of them 🙂 Check it out!

Every great company starts out as an idea. Somebody is inspired by a need for change and (by tapping into his or her entrepreneurial spirit) is able to make bigger things possible.

At the 2014 International CES, Eureka Park was the place to find the latest and greatest in cutting-edge technology and the people whose idea it was to bring it to life. Walking into Eureka Park, the buzz from the booths was electric.

More than 40 Indiegogo campaigners exhibited at CES, 10 as part of the Indiegogo Zone, which featured hardware campaigners from around the world showcasing their products. Engadget’s Best Startup of CES Airtame came all the way from Denmark!

I met Hind Hobeika, founder and chief swimmer of waterproof heart moniter Instabeat, last year in Eureka Park. She leveraged that opportunity to get exposure to investors, press and distributors. She also met other startups and made friends with their founders, sharing resources for success. This year Instabeat was named a Best of Honoree for the CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards.

The benefit Instabeat experienced from exhibiting at Eureka Park was a result of the engineered serendipity the space inspired by creating the opportunity for the right people to connect. Walking up and down the aisles, you saw VCs, major retailers and industry experts chatting with innovative entrepreneurs. CEA’s president and CEO Gary Shapiro even stopped by. From 360-degree cameras and intelligent light bulbs to a waterproof coating for your phone, touring Eureka Park provided the space and the opportunity to learn the stories behind tomorrow’s innovations, meeting directly with the people making them possible.

For example, MadeSolid was born out of a need to advance the world of materials available to the 3D printing community. By exhibiting in Eureka Park, the MadeSolid team had the opportunity to connect with 3D printer companies that stopped by repeatedly during the show. CEO and founder Lance Pickens credits the experience with direct sales, new business partnerships and new friends.

When walking through the giant convention center halls filled with the biggest, most well-known brands in the world, it’s easy to forget that every single brand started small. CEA knows this and provides an amazing opportunity in Eureka Park to meet these small companies before they become the next tech powerhouses.

Here at Indiegogo, we are excited to see how ideas have become successful realities. Having the opportunity to watch companies like Instabeat, MadeSolid, Panono and Airtame achieve success demonstrates the magic of Eureka Park, a nursery for tomorrow’s major tech companies. It is truly something special that is not to be missed.

-Kate Drane-


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