My name is Laura, I am 21 years old, and I live in Beirut, Lebanon. I am a fourth year Architecture student at the American University of Beirut and have always been passionate about sports.

I got into several types of sports ever since I was a kid: tennis, ballet, taekwondo, basketball, biking, swimming, running… and ended up sticking to the last two.

When I first started University in 2010, I used to train with the swimming team twice a week, and intensively during summer. I usually take part in University competitions locally and internationally as well as Lebanese Championships and Competitions.

Two years later, I accidentally discovered a running potential after the Nike 5km run and the 10k marathon where the win was neither planned nor trained for. So I decided to go for it and include running in my weekly training. I entered the track and field university team and started running every other day in parallel with swimming. I currently compete in both swimming and running national and international competitions.

At present, I train 6 times a week: swimming and running on alternate days, and I include gym sessions 2 to 3 times a week.

Being part of the Swimming Varsity and Track and Field Varsity at AUB, people always ask me how do I manage to be committed to sports with an architecture major in parallel. Known to be one of the most time consuming majors, people tend to forget about everything else and focus on architecture. But what can I do if I have equal passion for architecture, swimming and running?

The key is time management. I believe that each one of us can produce time for whatever he/she likes in life. All it takes is a 2 hour escape break on track or in the pool, just to free your mind from everything surrounding you.

The next goal is to practice biking and take parts in triathlons. My objective is to always aim for better, raising the standards after every competition, looking for tips to improve… I will keep sharing with you findings and improvements that will help you and me always be motivated and keep a positive attitude 🙂Lebanese Swimming Championship Rimal 2013

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