Should-you-use-fins-while-swimmingHi everyone, I wanted to share with you a tip that I got from 2 different swimming coaches: It is helpful and rather important during a workout to use fins as part of your warmup!

The trick is to do at least 200 yards of your warm up with fins on, as it increases ankle flexibility, strengthens your legs and kicks, and improves your body position.

One of the coaches recommended Finis fins. I have the regular red ones, but most coaches seem to recommend the Z2 Gold Zoomers which are second generation, a little longer and a little more flexible.

From experience, I found out that it really does help a lot for a better workout.

Let me share with you the link to a coach’s page; a page that I personally found extremely helpful and offers me guidance during my workouts –>

An additional great tip that I got from this page: In your kicks, try to keep your feet from crossing each other and do not bend your knees.

Have a great swim!

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