In my first swimming class of the year, I asked my coach to monitor my workout and help me improve my technique.

The verdict: I have a lack of core muscle strength, which prevents strength distribution evenly to my whole body, making me one big block wrestling with the water.

Even if I resist that, it definitely is not a secret and I can’t hide it nor can I ignore it. Without strength, capacity is limited and performance cannot be improved further. It was hard for me to understand that when I’m a very active athlete, and I’m used to doing at least 1 hour of sports almost every day. But it turns out that when you’re running or cycling, you are putting strain on your legs but you’d often be forgetting to strengthen your upper body, which is very important especially to prevent back pain, reduce pressure on the legs and of course, improve swimming… For me, improving my swimming would make me a better triathlete; so I absolutely have to work on solving this problem!

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Winter is the best time to make resolutions and the best time to concentrate on core muscle strength!


So based on my physiotherapist’s advice, I invested in an exercise ball. Exercise balls (also known as Swiss balls, stability balls, gym balls, or yoga balls…) are air-filled and comfortable. They are lightweight and durable and come in different sizes depending on your height. The primary benefit of exercising with it – as opposed to exercising directly on a hard flat surface – is that the body responds to the instability of the ball to remain balanced, engaging many more muscles. So when you are just sitting on the ball, it engages the stabilizer muscles and you’ll need to use your abdominal and back muscles to keep your balance. Those muscles become stronger and stronger over time which will improve your core alignment, and muscle flexibility and coordination. I also realized that the exercise ball is a fun partner to train with! And I can use it to relax and stretch my body as well 🙂

Many exercises are available on the web; you might want to check them out… They can help you set up a suitable training schedule.

Let’s see now if I’m more efficient at swimming or not!!

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