My name is Amandine Bisilliat Donnet. I am 30 years old, and I live near Marseille in the south of France with my boyfriend. By profession, I am a supply chain engineer for Eurocopter, an international helicopter company. I work as a project leader for all the international industrial transfers. I like travelling for my job and during my spare time. It is my first escape as I open my mind to new culture, new landscape, new people… My second escape is sports. Ever since I was very young I’ve been passionate about sports which is probably due to my hyperactivity. I got into dancing (classical, jazz and modern) until I reached engineering school. At high school I was enrolled by my sports teacher in the cross country team, and it was the beginning of my passion for running.

When I moved to the South of France for my engineering school, I could not find a good dancing teacher, so I replaced dancing with team sports such as rugby, handball and basket ball. But during that time, when I felt the need to escape from stress, I’d put on my running shoes and hit the road. And when I started my career in engineering, I could not continue in team sports so I decided to stick to running. But by then, I had started to suffer from knee pain, so my doctor advised me to swim. I was only familiar with the breaststroke. So every day, during lunchtime, I would go swimming with my swimmer colleagues who taught me more strokes. They would stick a training schedule on my water bottle and I had to follow it. At the beginning I had to stop every 25 meters, as I felt my heart would explode; but little by little, swimming became my new escape option.

2 years later, when I moved to my new job in a new city, my old colleagues pushed me to join a triathlon club. I had never considered triathlons before, and I always believed they were for crazy people. But feeling lost and lonely in the city, I decided to go for it. That way, I was never practicing alone, and I was part of a team with people crazier than me, doing a different type of sports every day. Ever since, I had been taking part in more than 5 triathlons per year, from small ones to half ironman (which are my favorite).

Swimming has always been my weak point, that’s why my main objective for 2014 is to get better at it. I plan to start the year with a few trails, and will move on to triathlons at the end of April. I have enrolled in a team for regional competitions and I will rely on these small competitions (750m swimming, 20 kms biking and 5km running)┬áto improve. I will definitely have to progress in swimming to get proper scores and not be left behind in the water… I have planned at least 3 half ironman starting with the one near Lyon in Cublize. For the other ones I will wait for the club selections as I prefer participating in competitions with many colleagues.

Since my objective is to improve my swimming, I will keep sharing with you my progress and I hope that you will motivate me!

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