2014 is right around the corner! To welcome the new year with positive energy, we thought we’d suggest to you a few resolutions that you might consider as swimmers.

1-      Increase the time you spend in the pool

2-      Try open water swimming if you’ve never done it before

3-      Work on the stroke that you prefer the least

4-      Go for a cold water dip

5-      Swim in 3 new places you’ve never been before

6-      Stick to a workout schedule

7-      Get a friend to commit to swimming

8-      Try morning workouts if you usually swim at night, and night workouts if you usually swim in the morning

9-      Get a new swimming gadget to spice up your workout

10-   Set an ambitious goal that will take you all year to reach

11-   Get out of your comfort zone and try new things (Swim with a team instead of alone, swim in salt water instead of chlorinated water…)

12-   Increase your monthly swimming distance by half a Km each month

13-   Complement your swimming with another cool activity (Yoga, Climbing, Weight lifting…)

14-   Log all your workouts and keep track of your swims

If these resolutions don’t cut it for you, share with us your suggestions, and what you’re planning for the year ahead!


Happy swimming!

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