Although getting yourself in December water might not seem enjoyable, mostly, whoever tried it has said that it’s totally refreshing!

All around the world, swimming fans organize gatherings and events during Christmas season – whether it’s for charity or just for fun – and jump into icy water. In some areas it even became a tradition.

Studies have proven that swimming in cold water has many health benefits over the human body. It boosts the immune system, gets the blood pumping and helps in weight loss, because the body would be burning more calories while trying to warm itself up. We’ll be needing that after the deliciously fatty Christmas dinner we’ll be having, won’t we? Romans also believed that cold water baths cured headaches and stomach problems… How about that!?

Researchers say that the more you are used to cold water, the less it bothers you. It is normal for the human body to adapt to the environment around it, and the longer you are in the water, the warmer it feels.

So how about a cold water swim for Christmas? Not very excited? Check out how fun it is in this video:

Be careful though!

Have a cold swim, and Merry Christmas from the Instabeat Team!

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