Like every exercise, swimming laps can become very boring, making it easy to get lost in the routine. Being bored while doing sports has pushed many people to quit, and since we don’t want you to quit swimming, here are a few ideas to help you fight boredom in the pool:

1-    Listen to music:
We are lucky to be living in an age thriving more and more with cool technology gadgets. There are many waterproof devices now that allow you to listen to music while swimming. It’s not only fun, it’s also beneficial; if the beat is fast enough it can help you increase your speed in the water.

2-    Mix your strokes and make it interesting:
Instead of doing laps over and over again with the same stroke type, try changing your stroke every few laps. Mix your workout with the freestyle, backstroke of butterfly and step out of the routine.

3-    Mix your breathing:
You are probably used to breathing on the same side in-between strokes. Wouldn’t it be interesting to mix it up? You can experiment and try to breathe on the other side or even on alternate sides instead. This will make your swim less dull, and it will train you to have a more balanced stroke.

4-    Count your strokes:
As you know, one of the biggest challenges in the pool is to cross it with the fewest number of strokes. Count them! By counting your strokes you would be automatically setting for yourself a goal to beat that number, which will make your swim a bit more exciting.

5-    Use a heart rate monitor and challenge yourself:
Everybody loves toys, especially if they have a positive impact on our workout! Most sports have their self-tracking devices, but swimming was left out until Instabeat came along. Instabeat is a waterproof heart rate monitor that tracks your heart rate and gives you instant color-coded feedback while swimming. That will put new challenges in front of you and will give your workout a new taste.

Have a nice swim 🙂

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