I can already imagine the beautiful households welcoming family and friends with feasts of delicacies and comfort foods that are hard to resist; and I am sure you would expect me to tell you that we need to exhibit some self-control and stay away from these heavenly looking dishes…but you are wrong!!

Food is pleasure, and I am certain, that even for those of us who consider food a source of health, the pleasure of food is not debatable… who among us does not enjoy a warm family meal filled with joy and happiness?

Let me share with you how I think about food. Food should have at least one of two purposes; pleasure and/or nourishment and, if a food does not fulfill any of these two criteria, then it is not really worthy of its calories.  This is how I would like you to think about the choices you make while at the table today, pleasure vs. nourishment and those dishes that get highest scores should end up in your plate while the rest is just too dull to succumb to.

Below are some key points to remember today:

1. Variety & Moderation

You don’t need large portions, remember to stay moderate; at the end of the day, you don’t want your taste buds to get bored of one food… Keep some variety and taste all dishes that appeal to you but stay small on portions and make sure to cherish every bite.

2. Eat Breakfast

Although we might think that skipping breakfast might save some calories for the big meal, having a morning meal can be an excellent tip to avoid overeating because it helps you control your appetite.

3. Go easy on Alcohol

I am not saying skip it, I am just saying to try and have a glass of still or sparkling water between drinks; it’s an excellent way to keep hydrated, skip some unnecessary energy and also a good tip to stay sober :).

4. Keep some left-overs

Left-overs are the best meals; but remember they are made for the day after and not for the evening meal; so while portioning your plates, think about the fact that you want to keep some of these delicacies for the day after.

5. Savor the food

This is my favorite point and it brings us back to the basic concept I was trying to tell you, savor the food and cherish every single bite and keep it slow, put your fork down between bites and think about the choice of your next fork. This is the best way to cut down on portions in a spontaneous manner while maximizing the pleasure of the meal.

I think it’s time for me to stop giving you tips and leave you to enjoy this day while remembering to be thankful for our families, our friends,  our achievements, our wealth, our health and most importantly our performance :). I am sure I missed on a million more things to be thankful for but I will leave that to you. Happy Thanksgiving!

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