The reason why motivation is so important is because it is the only thing (within our own control) that allows us to realize our potential. Everyone has potential, but only a select few realize it. So what stands between an athlete and his ability to perform at full potential? According to motivational author Mark Fritz, there is a simple formula to explain this:


“We all have potential well beyond what we are currently achieving”, he says, “and the only things standing between us and realizing it, are our own self-imposed limits”.

Ideally, if an athlete has zero interference, and focuses all time, energy and resources to maximize performance, he or she would achieve maximum potential. Realistically, it is impossible to have zero interference, and therefore, performance comes down to how much one is able to fend off outside interference and stay focused on realizing their potential. It is easier said than done, isn’t it?

So let us go back to the idea of self-imposed limits.

Deep inside, each one of us knows the ideal way to be working at full potential, but the truth is, it is difficult to always be our ideal selves. What happens in reality is that we get carried away from the things we want to do, and drift off from the person we would like to be.

Countless times we have tried committing to a daily exercise routine and succeeded. But success was always short lived. Life always interfered somehow, be it the late last minute meeting, or the extra errand to run. Although we plan to do something, more often than not, we simply don’t end up doing it.

So I want you to try something, next time you start getting that creeping sensation that you might just skip your exercise again, try and ask yourself:

“How would the person I’d like to be, do the thing I’m about to do now?”

How will that help? I think we all know the ideal person we can be, but when life interferes, we tend to forget. The more you can remind yourself everyday about the ideal YOU, the more likely you are to fulfill your potential.

Remember, we all have immense potential, don’t waste it just because something else came up!

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