Benjamin Franklin once said “Rather go to bed  supper less, than run in debt for a breakfast”… you have probably heard this so many times before, your mother, your teacher, your coach…everyone keeps repeating that breakfast is an important meal, yet, how many of us constantly skip breakfast?

Whether it is time restraints or stomach comfort, if your swimming practice is at 5am, I believe it is easy for breakfast to become the forgotten meal, but why is breakfast so essential? And why should we all be trying hard to make this meal sacred and never forgotten?

In my last blog post I had mentioned the notion of food being your body’s fuel, and breakfast is your refueling pit stop after the long overnight fast; it does not only provide you with more strength and endurance but breakfast eating athletes have improved mental skills, and seem to be less moody and more calm throughout the day.

Although you might be convinced with everything I mentioned, and even if you manage to plan the time for breakfast, you are probably thinking that if I eat my breakfast before my early morning session, I will definitely end up with an upset stomach and not be able to train properly…so how to prevent that and make sure that your breakfast provides a jump start instead of holding you back?


Two main key components are texture and nutrients; if you’re in a hurry, wake up late and barely have time to eat breakfast go for a liquid meal, and stay away from fibers and fats as these two constituents will definitely slow down your digestion and have you struggling during the training.  Fruit juices, fat free milk or yogurt, sports drinks or gels are all possible options that would replenish your glycogen stores without impairing your performance. You could grab these on the go without even planning or preparing anything.

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I am sure that by now, if you are one of those who actually have time to enjoy breakfast, you must be thinking that I have not yet fulfilled your quests, so I thought that sharing this delicious recipe in honor of November, National Peanut Butter month, should leave you satisfied.

This recipe (which I altered slightly to increase its nutrient density) is rich in everything you need to jump start your day. It is rich in proteins, healthy fats, carbohydrates, fibers, vitamins and minerals… and guess what, you could try this even as a post-event meal in case you left in a hurry & winded up with a sports drink before your training.

Peanut Butter & Banana French toast

Ingredients (Serves 3 persons) Procedure
1 cup of fat free milk2 whole eggs

30g (less than 1/8 c.) of peanut butter (smooth or crunchy)

6 tsp brown sugar (3Tbsp)

4 slices of whole wheat toast

1 Ripe Banana (cut into slices)

1Tbsp of oil (safflower, sunflower, soy or canola)

Whisk the milk, eggs, peanut butter, oil and 4tsp of sugar in a large bowl.Grease a baking pan & spread all the toast at the bottom, then place the banana slices over the toast.

Pour the milk & egg mixture over them & make sure to have everything properly submerged.Let the whole mixture rest for about an hour or more (in the fridge).

Preheat the oven to about 400oF, sprinkle the remaining 2 tsp of sugar on top of the pan and bake the whole mix for about 20 min till the bread is golden and crispy.

You can serve this immediately or at room temperature if you can resist it till it cools down 🙂

Bon Appetit!


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