fun-facts-swimming-pet-peeves-by-instabeat-champion-kristenAccording to Wikipedia, a pet peeve is “a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to them, to a greater degree than others may find it.”  I don’t know a single person who doesn’t have one and it seems the more you do something, go somewhere or see someone, the more pet peeves you can develop! That being said, I have plenty of pet peeves when it comes to the pool. Here are some of my biggest offenders:

When swimming alone:

  • No matter how hard you scrub or how often you shower, you always smell of chlorine!
  • Because I swim in a big pool where some people come to water jog or float around, sometimes the water temperature is too plain hot!
  • Unsynchronized clocks! This can make or break a workout!
  • People who do not honor the circle swim rules when the pool is busy.
  • People who hang out in a lap lane to flounder and not swim when the pool I swim at has a large “open” area for non lap swimmers
  • Goggles that fog up!
  • When someone stops me to ask if I mind that they share the lane with me even though I’m in the middle of swimming and the other side of the lane is completely unoccupied.
  • That guy who when you come up behind them and start to lap them, they suddenly pick up their pace to ‘race’ you. They may be able to keep up for a length or two, but as soon as you break ahead of them, they fall off like an autumn leaf, and 3 minutes later we’re back to the same game. (People do this on the highways do this too…)

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When swimming with a team/group:

  • People who seem to think the entire “warm up” is to be done at maximum effort from beginning to end. It’s a warm-up, not a race!
  • People who do flip turns on the same side you are swimming up. Even being a couple of seconds behind, they are still on your side of the lap when you get ready for my turn. Turn the furthest side away from the line that you can!
  • People who are obviously faster than you, so you tell them to go ahead of you but they say no, and then they stay on your toes the entire practice!
  • Also related to the above pet peeve: People who don’t give you the general five seconds before pushing off (they wait just one or two) and then they ride your toes the rest of the way.
  • People who leave too early for a set and throw the cycle off.

Now that I have shared my swimming pet peeves, tell me: what are yours?

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