Yoga is obviously becoming an essential part of athletes’ routines. It is especially recommended for swimmers before or after their workouts. Why? Here are the main reasons:

Yoga makes you aware of your body; it works on flexibility and strength and helps relieve stiffness in your neck, shoulders, and back. It also focuses on stretching, which is sometimes overlooked by swimmers. Stretching is important to recover after a rough workout and plays a big role in avoiding swimming related injuries.

Yoga develops your core stability as well, which is essential to improve your posture, and ultimately make you float higher during your swim. It extends your muscles which is extremely efficient in the water, where the extension of your arms and legs is mandatory for your strokes. As you know, in Yoga, balance is vital for positions, just like in the water.

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Yoga works on your breathing too, by teaching you how to use your breath to control your heart rate and how to focus on your breathing pattern instead of the difficulty of your workout. This also helps you overcome the pain that you might be feeling by giving more oxygen to your struggling muscles.

In sum, practicing yoga and adding it to your swimming workout routine turns into an improvement in the water. So if you don’t do yoga already, maybe you’d like to include it in your schedule :).


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