Mastering swimming is pretty hard! You want to be fast and strong but also maintain good techniques and perfect strokes. Even Olympic swimming champions work on improving their swims and still make some mistakes, because swimming is simply the most technical sport.

If you want to enhance your swimming, here are the 5 most common mistakes that you should avoid:

  1. Bad Head Position: It is common among new swimmers to lift their heads in order to breathe or to look ahead. Doing so destroys their body position by dropping their lower body, making them lose speed and waste their efforts. Try to find your way by using the lines at the bottom of the pool and make sure you turn your head sideways for air.
  2. Swimming Flat: Swimming flat is one of the most common mistakes made in the water. It puts a lot of pressure on your upper body and harms the length of your stroke. So… Rotation! Rotation! Rotation!
  3. Weak Kicks: A good kick helps you move forward; a weak kick however, is pretty much useless. It makes you want to do more kicks and that’s how you waste your power. Work on having a strong well-angled kick; straighten your legs and start the kick from your hips; that will definitely bring up your speed. You might want to practice with a kickboard.
  4. Short Strokes: The longer the stroke, the faster you are. By shortening your stroke, you require a bigger amount of strokes to reach the other end of the pool, which will not help your speed. Count your strokes and reduce them for better results.
  5. Bad Breathing Timing: By messing up the timing of your breathing, you are harming your body position. You should breathe at the beginning of your pull, not when your hand exits the water, and of course, never hold your breath.

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What are the swimming mistakes that you worked on? We’d love to hear what you did to fix them!

Happy swimming 🙂


Image Source: Crescent aquatic center
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