Little did I know when I showed up for this week’s Saturday morning Master swim practice that we’d be doing a workout that would become a favorite.

  • 1200m – w/u’s – 600m f/s; 1 min rest, 300m – pulls w/ paddles; 1 min rest, 300m f/s
  • 400m – kick drills w/ board & fins
  • 900m – 25m fast, 10 secs rest, 50m moderate on 1:45 cycle x’s 12
  • 200m – c/d

Often, I don’t know a workout will become favorite until after I am done with it. This usually means that at first, when I look at the workout on the board or as the coach reads it from his clipboard, I dread it. Sometimes as soon as I start the workout I dread it so much, fight hard not to quit. It is when I am finished and I see that I was able to pull through a workout that made me want to quit from the beginning and several times after that it becomes favorite.

This weekend’s workout became a favorite because for some reason after doing those measly 300 meters of pulls during the warm-up, my arms feel like sticks and in the 300 meters that follow I have no idea how I am going to swim for another 40+ minutes with stick arms! But eventually, somehow, my pull rebounds and I start to feel like I have muscles again.

When we finished, I climbed out of the pool not just with a new favorite workout in my back pocket, but a with renowned sense of self knowing I physically and mentally pulled myself through several moments when my whole body wanted to give up. The more I swim with the Masters and am pushed where I often would not push myself swimming alone, the more that favorites get put into my back pocket. I guess this means I’ll eventually need bigger pockets! 🙂

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