Halloween is all about candy.

It’s about scary ghosts and weird-looking pumpkins too, but mainly, candy is the star of the day.

You may ask what all that has to do with swimming… Well, we can assure you, swimming can make you THE BEST trick or treater! Here’s why:

1- One hour of swimming can burn up to 900 calories!

One candy bar includes 200 calories on average; meaning that by eating only 4.5 candy bars, you will be consuming 900 calories.

4.5 Candy Bars – 1 Hour of swimming = 0 Calories!

2- Swimming plays a big role in toning your muscles.

On Halloween, creepy creatures are raiding the streets; those strong muscles will come in handy when you find yourself face to face with a black witch, or maybe Frankenstein!

3- Swimming also increases your endurance, which can be effective in trick or treating around the neighborhood and partying all night long!

4- With all the time you spend in the water, bobbing apples on Halloween should be easy! You’ll know your way perfectly around the basin and you’ll be able to hold your breath for a looooong time. Bite those apples and win the competition!

5- On Halloween, costumes are a must! You don’t want to be an outcast, swimming in your regular gear on Halloween, do you?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Check out these awesome caps and swimsuits designs that you can wear and channel the Halloween spirits!

Halloween-caps-fun-facts-by-instabeat-heart-monitor                Halloween-caps-fun-facts-by-instabeat-heart-monitor                   Halloween-caps-fun-facts-by-instabeat-heart-monitor

Halloween-swimsuits-fun-facts-by-instabeat-heart-monitor Halloween-swimsuits-fun-facts-by-instabeat-heart-monitor Halloween-swimsuits-fun-facts-by-instabeat-heart-monitor

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