If you’re an athlete –amateur or pro– and you didn’t participate in Roy Nasr Batroun Triathlon 2013 then you definitely missed out on some great fun!

This event took place for the 5th time in a row on Sunday, September 29th, and the Instabeat team was there to savor it all! The event was dedicated to the memory of the beloved triathlete Roy Nasr, who passed away in Dubai on September 6th while biking. And on another humanitarian aspect, all funds left over after the race expenses will be donated to the Lebanese Red Cross.


We arrived early (really early!) at the San Stephano resort to find all the participants stretching and mingling with such a vivid energy, nobody could tell they had been up way before sunrise.  We were pleasantly surprised to see such a big crowd, and  even more when we met some of Instabeat’s fan and friends!

The athletes were divided into two groups: “Sprint” for sports savvies and beginners, and “Olympic” for professional, hard core competitors.

The “Sprint” group would participate in a:
-750m open water swim
-20km cycle
-5km run

And the “Olympic” group in a:
– 1.5km open water swim
– 40km cycle
– 10km run

Not a piece of cake, trust me! For people who have never finished a triathlon,  I must tell you it’s not very easy getting out of the water –in a very agitated sea– then go on such a long cycling race, and then switch to on-foot run. Your muscles will be stiff and will take some time to adapt to the new activity. So hats down to all triathletes out there!

The races were intense, even if the Olympic competitors were passing by without a drop of sweat on their foreheads. I don’t know how that was possible when we were literally burning under the sun.


Gladly, despite these circumstances, Instabeat’s own Black Swimmer – Sara Khatib – was the first Sprinter to reach the shore among the swimmers, and ended up 2nd in the overall ranking. Yes, we are very, very proud.

The Triathlon organizers posted the official results on their Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/tri.lebanon/


Don’t forget to check out the video below to get an idea about the event’s ambiance. You’ll see very happy faces; so happy, we hope they will encourage you to participate next year!

Until then, do sports and stay in shape!

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