Kristen_Faughnan_Instabeat_Champion_Athlete-Triathlete_Sports_TrainingIt is with much excitement that I announce that Instabeat has asked me to be one of their athlete champions. In accordance with this AMAZING opportunity  I will be posting weekly sports related posts and figured the best way to start off is with a proper introduction.

My name is Kristen, I am 32 and I live in the city of Philadelphia with my husband and three chihuahuas. By profession, I am a process engineer for an electronic health records software vendor and am currently enrolled in graduate school working towards my masters in health informatics at Temple University. Outside of work and school my other identity is deep-seeded in endurance sports; namely triathlons and long distance running. When I’m not working or writing papers, I’m engaged in one of my three loves: running, cycling or swimming, all of which keep me sane. I love what I do for a living but being nailed down to a desk is hard for a person like me, who hates to sit still and be indoors.

If you had told me 10 years ago I’d be involved in anything remotely connected to swimming, I would have never believed you. Actually, if you had told me this just under three years ago I wouldn’t have been able to comprehend at all because aside from doggie paddling and floating on a flotation device with an arm rest equipped to hold a frosty beverage, I did not know how to swim 3 years ago. Yes, really. Truth be told, when I first started taking swim lessons I could not swim a full length in a 25-yard pool without stopping and/or feeling as if my heart was going to explode. Since that time I have gone on to compete in over 20+ triathlons, including several half-ironman distances, a handful of long distance ocean water swims and most notably, I have become an active participant in a local US Masters swim team, which has helped me become a stronger and more efficient swimmer. To come so far from so little has been a truly humbling experience for me.

My next big adventure will be a full Ironman (Mt Tremblant 2014.). This will be my first Ironman and I am equally excited and scared. I will spend the next two months building my base before I officially start training in December and  plan to chronicle my new adventure through my weekly posts. I anticipate both good and bad days that will eventually lead me on my path to finally hearing the words I have been lusting to hear for the past few years:  “Kristen Faughnan, you are an Ironman!” The way I see it, you don’t think you need a bucket list after that!

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