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With new wearables popping up every few months for all types of athletes, leave it to a charming young entrepreneur from Lebanon to bring them to the swimming pool.

Enter Instabeat, a waterproof wearable that attaches to your goggles and is able to tell you your heart rate, calories burned, laps swam, and turns made.

Founded by 25-year-old Hind Hobeika, Instabeat aims to be something like Nike+ meets Google Glass for swimmers, enhancing their underwater workouts by giving them key real-time information.

The product works by reflecting different colors on to your goggles based on your performance levels (leaving no room for excuses for swimming into the wall!) and then plugs into your computer where you can upload all of the data.

While the first version Instabeat is not equipped with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, it’s a feature that will be heavily explored in future models. Hobeika gave us permission to imagine something like the GoPro app existing for the next generation Instabeat with swimmer(s) data streaming real-time to a swim coach or parent’s dashboard on an iPad.

Designed and engineered by Hobeika and her team in Lebanon and France over the past two years, the company has not  taken the most conventional path in bringing their first product to market.

They participated in an entrepreneurship reality TV show in Qatar, raised an angel round from Berytech in Lebanon, ran a successful IndieGoGo campaign, wrapped up a formal seed investment round, and are now making a final production push to make sure that this first waterproof wearable for swimmers is made available right in time for the holiday season.

We’ll be rooting for them, poolside.

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